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Sunday 8 December 2013


So my resolve is being tested like none other… well, maybe like Job.  I thought I had finally hit my groove in this whole experiment, but this weekend brought light to how wrong that was – I’ve just been hibernating for a few weeks. 

I cheated again.  I made out with a gentleman that works in my industry – and this time I don’t have alcohol or anything else to blame, I just really really wanted to.  But… I didn’t sleep with him (but that wasn’t for lack of desire – I also really really wanted to do that).  This man, let’s call him “Art”, is fairly well-established in my industry and I have admired his work for a long time.  Last year, I finally met him in person at a holiday function and made a fool of myself (at least from what I can remember of the night – reasons not to drink at work functions!).  For the past year, I have avoided making eye contact with him and would pretty much run away every time I saw him – you know, the super mature approach.