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Friday 3 October 2014


So this comes as a bit of a follow-up to TIPPING THE SCALE

Back in March, I wrote about my battle with some mild weight gain and accepting a changing body shape.  After years of fighting various eating disorders, this was the true test of coming into myself.  I’m pleased to say that after 6 months, I still have not succumb to my previous ways of weight loss.  I had even let the issue go for a while, until recently…

I have been working out in Edmonton for the past three weeks and staying with some wonderful friends.  These friends have a scale in their washroom and after four and half years of not stepping on a scale, I was tempted to see where I stood in numerical weight.  I thought I would be somewhere in the 160-165 lbs. range.  Last time I weighed myself I was battling to remain at 148 lbs., but ended up closer to 152 lbs.  You can imagine my shock when the scale read 173 lbs.  My mouth dropped (and then immediately shut again for fear of the air adding to the weight).  This was boy weight!  Ladies don’t weigh that much!  I had troubles accepting when I hit 150 lbs. but now I had skipped the 160s altogether and plunged right into the 170s. 

SIDE NOTE:  For new readers, I would like to state for the record that I am a tall woman and could not be described as fat, chunky, plump or even thick.  I have a very nice body, even if there is a bit more around the gut than there used to be.  This is all well and good to know, but for someone who has suffered from body image issues and eating disorders, you can know these things in your brain, but that does not stop the obsessing.

So, I finally said “enough is enough” and made the decision to change my habits to drop a couple pounds.  I know where the weight came from.  I had not exercised since the previous year and spent half my time sitting and the other half sleeping.  Also, my diet consisted of beer and fried foods.  I hadn’t seen a vegetable in weeks.


Hey Readers!

Just wanted to let you know that I have finally posted a summary of my thoughts concluding this experiment on "The Conclusion" page.  But this isn't the end of "My Year Without Sex".  I'm going to continue posting about my experiences on this side of the year and how I am managing to apply what I learned to real life.

Stay tuned for updates about my re-entry into the dating world, developments in therapy, and the continued struggle with self and body!

Again, comments and thoughts are encouraged!  Also, follow me on Twitter for more updates!

AJ :)