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Tuesday 13 August 2013


You know those times when you are travelling for work and you have to have someone come watch your house and your cat?  Well, this happened in my life recently.  I was packing and, since I'm not having sex for a year, made sure to bring a variety of vibrators with me (I tried to think of joke about vibrators being more "hand"y, but failed.  Sorry!).  So, while I was unpacking my bag at my new accommodation, I realized that my little pocket vibrator was not in my bag.  I remember taking it out of the cupboard, which led me to believe that I left it on the kitchen counter at home.  What a surprise that would be for my lovely house-sitter!

But, good fortune found me and it turned out that I had simply packed it with my feminine care products (rationale being that they all take care of the same place).  A big sigh of relief this morning!  I would have felt so bad for my friend. There is nothing more awkward than watching someone's house for a month only to find their vibrator decorating the kitchen counter.  Appetizing!

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