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Tuesday 1 October 2013


So it has officially been over 2 months and this evening at midnight the countdown clock will turn over to 299 days to go!!!!  It's finally almost here!!!  I don't need to look at 300+ days anymore.  My therapist was asking me today "why is this switch so important" and I don't think I could give her a truly convincing reply.  It's just that 300+ days seems like too little time has passed (when it feels like such a long time).  It is too close to the start.  Less than 300 seems like progress.  I'm gaining distance and moving towards the end goal.  65 days in!  I was talking about the process with Kryptonite this week (yes, I'm still pretending that we can be just friends) and he commented on how it seemed like it had been so much longer.  Thanks!  I hadn't noticed.  It feels like it has been years already, but alas, it has only been 2 months.  *sigh*  The itch is starting...  oh goodness!  THE ITCH!!!

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