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Monday 7 October 2013


Wow! Time just flew by while working out of town. In Week #2, I mentioned that my partner had to leave the contract we were working on and I was alone in Wonderland... well, that was the truth. Weeks 3-7 were quite the ride, so much so that I barely had a moment to catch my breath, let alone write. I was essentially on call 24 hours a day and up until the very last moment fires were blazing all around me. 

I had executives getting sick, storming out of meetings and leaving the contract early, continuous training of replacements while trying to get the contract completed on schedule, difficult clients with unrealistic expectations and finally (or so I thought) the woman who was the lead presenter on the project got into a spat with one of the executives and decided to leave before the final presentation. Awful! Then... then, with 10 minutes left in the final presentation (so close to being free and clear of the woes of Wonderland), then I get a text that one of my friends (actually, a friend of The Local that I had been hanging out with over the 5 weeks I was up there), well, he had died that night in a freak accident. I had just hung out with him on Tuesday. This was Thursday. Devastation. I needed to go home.

Despite all the tribulation, there was some fun craziness!  I became very close with four of the guys working on the project (platonically – obviously!); in particular, one of the guys, let’s call him Ace, and I really hit it off!  We basically became inseparable.  He was one of those rare people that you meet and feel like you’ve known forever (and will).  Needless to say, I fell for him (but not in the usual way!)  He is engaged to a girl that he loves like crazy and who sounds wonderful.  This was not my normal crush because there was none of that desperation to have him love me back.  It was a reverent crush.  This was a person that will now stand as an example of the type of connection I want to have with the person who will ultimately become my life partner.  I have only really experienced this once before and that was with The One That Got Away (*sigh*).  

So Ace and I embraced the mayhem of Wonderland and flipped time on its head, sleeping through the days and waiting through the night to pay homage to the dawn.  It was crazy and fun.  We went on a few road trips and let time take us where she willed.  This all happened in the last two weeks and what a couple of weeks they were.  So, it wasn’t all doom and gloom (though the late nights and wild times didn’t make any of the other stuff easier – here’s to poor life decisions!  But, when in Wonderland…).

What I can say for this experiment is that since I am still committed to seeing it through, I didn’t try to attempt anything with Ace.  Even if he didn’t have a fiancĂ©, he was still off limits.  This allowed for us to develop an actual legitimate friendship without awkward sexual tension.  It was really nice.  This also reinforces my theory that sleeping with a guy right away can be the death to any potential relationship you may have had.  In no way am I saying that you shouldn’t sleep with a guy right away (heaven knows I have less experience waiting than I do not), I’m just saying that for what I’m looking for and what I need to feel comfortable in a relationship, it is best if I take time to get to know the guy before jumping into the sack with him (again, easier to say than to put into practice!).  We’ll see how things go as we approach the 2 month mark…

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